Why Tenga

1. Japan origin: Tenga is 100% made in Japan using high quality materials and strict manufacturing process. This is to assure you that the cups you buy (and use) are made with the quality you can trust intimately.

2. Hygienic: individual cups are wrapped with a tamper-proof seal so you can be certain that nobody can tamper with or use the cup before you. This helps to ensure a hygenic, pleasurable, and intimate moment for you (or with your partner). Sweet!

3. Easy to use: the cups come pre-loaded with lubrication for instant use. Just break the hygiene seal, open the cap, and stick your erection into it. No need for additional lubricants, instructional manuals, or batteries. After use, re-cap and dispose of the cup. No mess, no cleaning up… Simple!

4. Inexpensive: the price of Tenga products are a fraction of what you expect to pay for similar and inferior toys in the market.

5. Intense pleasure and orgasms: Tenga products incorporate ergonomically-correct designs to enhance unique sensations to the penis shaft and the sensitive head gland to instantly transport you to a heavenly bliss: giving you an intense and the most powerful orgasm ever!

6. Discreet packaging: Tenga onacups are shaped to resemble ordinary household items so you’ll have little concerns about having them around your house. Innocent designs also discourages curious children and prying family members.

7. Live out your fantasy: the anatomically-correct design of Tenga onacups mimic actual sexual positions and sensations.

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